Originating in Japan and influenced by Traditional Chinese and Western medical approaches, Shiatsu is a versatile, non-intrusive and deeply relaxing holistic therapy. Following similar principles to acupuncture, Shiatsu stimulates the body's own healing processes through the application of gentle, sustained pressure to points and channels (meridians) across the body. This unique form of bodywork acts to rebalance, release and restore the flow of vital energy (Ki) along the meridians to support good health and well-being.



Thai seated massage is a short routine performed with the client sat in seated massage chair. The client remains clothed throughout and no oils are used. Techniques used include percussion and applying pressure to points along the body’s SEN lines. Applying pressure to these points helps to release tension in the body, gentle stretches are also used to help relieve stiff joints. In western society seated massage is becoming popular for those who have sedentary jobs such as office workers sat at a desk all day. More and more employers are discovering the benefit of seated massage to improve staff health productivity, posture and morale. 


feel good by doing good 

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